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What is NMT?

NMT is also capable of obtaining ionic/molecular fluxes in 3D by measuring the concentration gradient in all x, y and z directions.

Non-invasive Micro-test Technology (NMT® ) is developed based on the ‘vibrating probe’ technique started by Dr. Lionel Jaffe from Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts and Dr. Ian Newman from Tasmania University of Australia in the early 1990s (please see literatures here). Without touching the samples, NMT is able to tell researchers how fast specific ions and/or molecules are going in or coming out their living samples.

NMT will detect ionic/molecular fluxes (up to pico(10-12)moles*cm-2*s-1 in liquid media near the surface of samples click to see how it works?, which could be condensed organelle, single cells, tissues up to small intact organisms.
NMT® can also help researchers to obtain information such as concentrations and motion directions of specific ions and molecules going in/out of the samples in optimized buffers. H+, Ca2+ , K+, Na+, Cl-, NH4+, Mg2+, Cd2+, NO3-, O2 , H2O2 , Glucose, Glutamate and IAA can be measured individually or in combinations of two. What new information can NMT bring into my research? click to see more......?