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Xuyue (Beijing) BioFunction Institute

Xuyue (Beijing) BioFunction Institute (XBI.org), who uses NMT: Non-Invasive Micro-test Technology as its research service platform is an NMT research services provider serving scientists around the world. Without touching the samples, NMT can detect transmembrane fluxes of specific ions/molecules (H+, Ca2+ , K+, Na+, Cl-, NH4+, Mg2+, Cd2+, NO3-, O2 and H2O2, glucose, glutamate, and IAA etc.) of living samples in liquid media with sensitivity up to pico moles. NMT is an indispensable tool to study physiological functions of genes/proteins in terms of ionic/molecular fluxes from condensed organelle to single cells, up to tissues and small intact organisms. NMT has been successfully applied into the research fields of plant sciences, environmental sciences, and physiology and medicine. Water BioSafety Certification (ws10.co) and Food BioSafety Testing et al. are applications aiming to enhance the quality of peoples’ lives as a result of research activities at XBI. While conducting research in the areas such as Crops enhancement, Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Leukemia treatments etc., we are looking for partnerships which can facilitate the applications of NMT into more fields.