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C2020-076-Bacillus amyloliquefaciens PDR1 from root of karst adaptive plant enhances Arabidopsis thaliana resistance to alkaline stress through modulation of plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity Popular 11.13 MB
C2020-075-Alpha-subunit of the Chloroplast ATP Synthase of Tomato Reinforces the Resistance to Grey Mold and Broad-spectrum Resistance in Transgenic Tobacco Popular 4.45 MB
C2020-073-Radial oxygen loss is correlated with nitrogen nutrition in mangroves Popular 730.57 KB
C2020-072-IlluminationDarkness-Induced Changes in Leaf Surface Potential Linked With Kinetics of Ion Fluxes Popular 3.08 MB
C2020-070-Overexpression of phosphatidylserine synthase IbPSS1 affords cellular Na+ homeostasis and salt tolerance by activating plasma membrane Na+ H+ antiport activity in sweet potato roots Popular 1.93 MB
C2020-069-Comparison of cadmium uptake and transcriptional responses in roots reveal key transcripts from high and low-cadmium tolerance ryegrass cultivars Popular 6.02 MB
C2020-068-Enhancing the atrazine tolerance of Pennisetum americanum (L.) K. Schum by inoculating with indole-3-acetic acid producing strain Pseudomonas chlororaphis PAS18 Popular 1.62 MB
C2020-067-The loss of RBOHD function modulates root adaptive responses to combined hypoxia and salinity stress in Arabidopsis Popular 602.99 KB
C2020-066-Response of grafting tobacco to low potassium stress Popular 3.98 MB
C2020-065-Melatonin improves rice salinity stress tolerance by NADPH oxidase dependent control of the plasma membrane K+ transporters and K+ homeostasis Popular 3.41 MB