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C2021-012-Induction of S-nitrosoglutathione reductaseprotects root growth from ammonium toxicity by regulating potassium homeostasisin Arabidopsis and rice New 2.99 MB
C2021-011-In situ determination of guard cell ion flux underpins the mechanism of ABA-mediated stomatal closure in barley plants exposed to PEG-induced drought stress New 4.35 MB
C2021-010-Facultative symbiosis with a saprotrophic soil fungus promotes potassium uptake in American sweetgum trees New 5.05 MB
C2021-009-Antioxidant Enzymatic Activity and Osmotic Adjustment as Components of the Drought Tolerance Mechanism in Carex duriuscula New 3.07 MB
C2021-008-Low ABA concentration promotes root growth and hydrotropism through relief of ABA INSENSITIVE 1-mediated inhibition of plasma membrane H+-ATPase 2 New 4.81 MB
C2021-007-Iron and copper micronutrients influences cadmium accumulation in rice grains by altering its transport and allocation New 1.42 MB
C2021-005-Stomatal morphology and physiology explain varied sensitivity to abscisic acid across vascular plant lineages New 1.2 MB
C2021-004-SPL14-17 act downstream of strigolactone signalling to modulate rice root elongation in response to nitrate supply New 1.57 MB
C2021-003-2 Kinase SnRK1.1 Regulates nitrate channel SLAH3 Engaged in Nitrate-Dependent Alleviation of Ammonium Toxicity New 1.86 MB
C2021-002-Plasma membrane H+-ATPase overexpression increases rice yield via simultaneous enhancement of nutrient uptake and photosynthesis New 3.69 MB