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主题: NMT英文综述《多胺与活性氧在诱导根部Ca2+、K+外排中的协同作用》

NMT英文综述《多胺与活性氧在诱导根部Ca2+、K+外排中的​协同作用》 2016-08-28 19:08 #1812

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Synergism between polyamines and ROS in the induction of Ca2+ and K+ fluxes in roots(文献编号:R2012-001

Stress conditions cause increases in ROS and polyamines levels, which are not merely collateral. There is increasing evidence for the ROS participation in signaling as well as for polyamine protective roles under stress. Polyamines and ROS, respectively, inhibit cation channels and induce novel cation conductance in the plasma membrane. Our new results indicate that polyamines and OH• also stimulate Ca2+ pumping across the root plasma membrane. Besides, polyamines potentiate the OH•-induced non-selective current and respective passive K+ and Ca2+ fluxes. In roots this synergism, however, is restricted to the mature zone, whereas in the distal elongation zone only the Ca2+ pump activation is observed. Remodeling the plasma membrane ion conductance by OH• and polyamines would impact K+ homeostasis and Ca2+ signaling under stress.

Comparison of OH•-induced Ca2+ and K+ fluxes in the pea root DEZ and mature zone and of their modulation by PAs.
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