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主题: NMT英文综述《盐胁迫条件下的离子流速和植物离子稳态的控制》

NMT英文综述《盐胁迫条件下的离子流速和植物离子稳态的控制》​ 2016-08-19 14:58 #1766

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Ion flux profiles and plant ion homeostasis control under salt stress(文献编号R2009-002

The ability of a plant to maintain an ionic homeostasis is crucial in plant salt tolerance. Direct evidence based on data from the non-invasive measurement of ion fluxes would not only offer new insight about the function of the transporter but also provide a whole plant approach for dissecting salt adaptation mechanisms. Here, we review some reports using the ion-selective microelectrodes to characterize the net ion fluxes of tissues or cells.
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